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70's man on Honda 450 motorcycle in Hawaii

Armand Ensanian has been riding and repairing motorcycles since he was a teenager back in the '60s. His first bike was a Honda CB160 that took him on a nearly two thousand mile journey up and down the East Coast. He earned certification as a trained Kawasaki service technician during the exciting days of the lightning fast H1 and H2 two-stroke triples, and the industry changing Z-1 superbike.

Since then, Armand has owned and restored scores of motorcycles and has written numerous articles on motorcycles and their adventures. He was a well read writer and editor for several major magazines, a columnist for Popular Mechanics, and appeared on a regular television series as a photo-journalist. 


Armand's current interests focus on educating his fellow enthusiasts on the rich history of the great marques that make up motorcycling's past and present. His own collection of modern and vintage motorcycles is ridden frequently. He certainly believes in the concept of "Ride 'em, don't hide 'em." Neighbors will often see him roaring down the road on his Norton Commando or hand-shifting through the gears on his 1941 Indian Sport Scout.

Mike Hunter 
Woman on 1947 Indian Motorcycle

This compilation of history, culture, and machines is dedicated to the motorcyclists who have tragically lost their battle with cancer. My late wife Jo, shown on a 1947 Indian she helped me restore, brought a certain beauty and peace to our world; the same type of serenity we feel on an open road at Sunday morning's first light. Riding was a passion we passed on together to our kids and there is no greater feeling than cruising with the ones you love. 


To ride is to feel young, free and

alive. This book is dedicated to those we love who will continue to join us on the open road in spirit.

Ensanian family annual motorcycle 4th of July picture

Standing by Armand’s side, and the architects of the Discovering the Motorcycle brand are his son and daughter, Danny & Lisa who were raised in the same fast paced, motor oil-scented world on two wheels. Having grown up on Long Island, NY and Pennsylvania, they were given the honor of being exposed to motorcycle lifestyles in both suburbia and rural areas; street, dirt, and trails. Both now currently residing in New York City and gaining exposure to the many, scattered urban cultures of motorcycling, they plan to breach the riding community, find that common denominator that lies within us all, and spread the culture to all who “just want to ride!”


Starting a small bike collection of their own, this book has become a passion and more importantly, a project that brings the family closer. From troubleshooting in the garage to early morning rides, motorcycling has easily evolved from an interest to a lifestyle. We hope that we can instill the same fire for all motorcyclists old and new.

Armand and his wife Karen enjoying another weekend ride through the back country of western New Jersey on one of their favorite motorcyces; a modern Triumph Bonneville. Karen has encouraged many women who had apprehensions about riding to try it. She equates it to dancing; trusting in a partner and moving together as one.

The motorcycle provides a direct connection with the environment traveled. One smells and feels the air change. It is the closest we get to flying without taking to the air. This is a fantasy we all shared as children.

Motorcycle couple on country road with Triumph Bonneville

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