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Discovering the Motorcycle is a highly acclaimed full-throttle, never-before completed history and cultural evaluation of motorcycling from 1867 to the present. Based on over fifty years of the author’s personal experience, this textbook introduces readers to the vast world of motorcycling, its history, social impact, and how these machines are built and function. If you ride or have always wanted to ride and crave to know everything about the world of motorcycles, this 510 page book is now your bible.

Each individual chapter is devoted to a major aspect of motorcycling; ranging from historical discussions of the machines that lead the way to our modern sportbikes, vintage classics, choppers and bobbers, off-road machines, touring rigs, and electric motorcycles. Chapters include the history of motorcycle racing, bike events, museums, and clubs. The book honors motorcycling's great marques, with representation in each chapter.


Technical sections explore engineering matters, while the captions beneath over 1,000 color photographs and illustrations add detail about the makes and their mechanical attributes. The chapter on the engine is unique in that it offers a glimpse into the four hundred year evolution of the internal-combustion engine.

Many years of experience, research, and sharing of information between credible resources in the motorcycling world have resulted in an unprecedented biography of the sport. Discovering the Motorcycle will make a perfect gift for those who dream of cruising through the wind on two (or three) wheels, and for the casual weekend rider who just wishes to know more about this amazing world.

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"An unwavering enthusiasm for the value of the motorcycle, for its contributions to us individually and culturally, underpins every page of Discovering the Motorcycle. A celebration of every aspect of motorcycling, from why we ride to what we ride, from where we started to where we’re going, it’s a book only an enthusiast could have written."


          Richard Backus

             Motorcycle Classics

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The Cruiser Craze

Cruisers have become the largest segment of motorcycles in the United States today. Their style harks back to motorcycles designed during our country’s great depression. This chapter takes a look at how the genre developed, where it is heading, and the many options available to buyers today.


Sportbikes, Superbikes and Musclebikes

Built for speed, sportbikes represent the best technology available today based on a hundred years of engine and chassis development. With superior handling, exotic frames, electronically controlled suspensions, and engines capable of over 200 mph speeds, they are not for everyone.


Off Road 

It's more fun in the dirt. From all out motocross to the versatility of dual-sports. 


Touring and Endurance 

The American dream of an open road, from a weekend ride to the long-haul Iron Butt Rally, to adventure touring in distant lands.


Riding on the Wild Side

The world of custom motorcycles is where art meets function. Born out of necessity,   and a desire for speed, custom motorcycles evolved into highly individualized vehicles for personal expression. Created by artist and mechanic, one sometimes questions their practicality, but cannot deny their striking craftsmanship and beauty.


Electric Motorcycles

The quest to power motorcycles with electric motors began over one-hundred and twenty years ago. The limiting factor was the battery. The dream never faded. As battery technology evolved, so did the reality that electric motorcycles are the way of the future. Read about the latest technology and exotic models.


Racing and Competition

Up a hill, on a trail, or around the track, there is always something going on and someone to beat. The history and thrill of racing is well documented.


Where to See Motorcycles

The motorcycle enthusiast does not have to travel far to see truly impressive collections of antique, vintage and custom bikes on display. Museums, club meets and national rallies offer endless opportunity to learn more about motorcycles, and to see them firsthand .

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The World of Motorcycles 

Motorcycles have been part of our lives for over one-hundred years. They truly offer something for everyone; be it a light machine for cost-effective commuting, an attention grabbing show bike, an exhilarating track-ready sportbike, a comfortable touring machine with back rest and stereo, or a surefooted dirt bike that makes riding through the woods a real joy. Necessity, convenience, adventure or just fun…whatever the reason, motorcycles are ready to serve.


Motorcycles in our Society

From its humble beginnings as an affordable means of transportation, the motorcycle has contributed immensely to our society. They have become a vehicle for independence, socialization, and belonging. The image of those who ride them has changed over the decades; from the working man being able to commute to areas previously out of reach, to outlaw bikers terrorizing towns in the 1950s. Today, most motorcyclists are a respectable citizens looking for a few hours of leisure on the roads we travel.


A History of the Engine

Ever since man invented the wheel, he has attempted to put power to it. This chapter is a historical overview of the mechanical evolution that has lead to the modern motorcycle engine. The four hundred year journey began with steam. These noble machines ruled our railways and even saw their way onto a few motorcycles. They have become a distant memory to the internal combustion engines that replaced them. The motors that move our motorcycles today are marvels of engineering and efficiency, but the future is clear; it is electric.


The Reliable Standard

Standard motorcycles provide the most utility. They are capable of serving us fairly well for most of our riding needs; be it a quick jaunt across town or a weekend trip across two states. They seat both rider and passenger comfortably. Standards were getting lost amongst the myriad of highly specialized machines serving the sport, touring and off-road segments. A recent revival in retro models however has brought the good old standard back.


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Publisher: Equus Potentia Publishing

Pages: 510 full color

Images: 1,200+

Trim Size: 8"x10"

Binding: Perfect, Softcover

List Price: $44.99

ISBN: 978-0-9963919-0-0

Wholesale Ordering: contact us for info 

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